About Us

As SWOLX SAFETY FOOTWEAR, we know that people are much more productive and successful in their lives and workplaces when they are better protected, equipped with better quality equipment and have better equipment. We carry this awareness, which we have gained in 34 years in the shoe industry, to the occupational safety sector with the work shoes we have been producing for 16 years. We fly the SWOLX flag in 18 different countries with an annual production of 800,000 pairs. We work day and night to serve you better, with the pride of progressing with STRONGER STEPS, always aiming for the highest quality and safety. By equipping our shoes with materials produced with the latest technology, we offer you lighter, more comfortable and more stylish work safety shoes as well as safety. With more than 240 personnel in our factories in Çankırı and Şanlıurfa, we understand you and are working with all our strength to help you take STRONGER STEPS.