Why Swolx?


SWOLX Safety Footwear cuts nothing for your comfort; it uses 5% more material than the competition, meaning your footwear is more comfortable.


Your SWOLX shoes never let you down: by using the best materials we guarantee that the footwears inherent characteristics will not change for over year.


SWOLX Safety Footwear knows exactly what you need and the risks your job entails. Your body comfort and soul calmness are important for us. Therefore all of our shoes are being producing according to CE EN ISO 20345 standarts.

Swolx Anatomy

1 Smart lacing system

2 200J shock absorber composite toe cap

3 More soft and breathable textile material

4 High quality 1.8 - 2.0 mm. Crazy leather

5 Stronger PU Laminated microfiber material

6 Kevlar midsoles

7 High quality XTREME insole

8 Strong elastic lace

9 More comfortable PU midsole

10 High quality rubber outsole

Shoe Selection Guide

Safety Category SB S1 S1P S2 S3 OB 01 02
200J Composite Toe Cap
Oil Resistance (FO)
Slip Resistance (SR)
Energy Absorption of seat region (E)
Antistatic Footwear (A)
Penetration Resistance (P)
Water Resistance (WRU)

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